let’s ignore death

Many, many people in the world will advice you to think like this is the last day of your life. 

I agree that we should be more present, more aware of our life.
But what about fearing death?

The whole idea of living your last day, if that was really your last day, would be much more difficult. The message leaves aside one detail: To live that day fully, you have to be brave, to not fear death.

Which isn’t really the first thing you’ll do once you realize this is your last day.
Understanding such a complex matter is hard, and accepting it is even harder.

Monday a girl was at a party with some friends, she had some kind of handicap.
She left us today, but on monday she was happy, unaware of what life was planning for her.

She smiled, she laughed.
And that kind of unawareness is something we should consider too.
Yes, we should be present, but if we can be present and fear death, then we’ve done nothing.
Much better being unaware, and living that day with joyful happiness.

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