a matter of priorities

When should you say no? When a no is more important than accepting?

You’ll be facing tough times in life, there are 2 things that will put you off.

First: Some changes don’t disrupt instantly. They remove your energy one brick at a time, making you unable to change.
Think about a work you don’t love. You can bear with it for some time, but after a long time it’ll be too much.

Secondly: You have to say no and protect your borders.
Borders are all about defining what’s important, what do you care about, and acting towards that goal.
Even if it damages you, even if it’s agaist your interest, you must protect the borders as long as they are sound.

Why? It’s not a matter of ideology, it’s a matter of protecting the things you love.
You would do it for your children, you would do it for your mother.
Now it’s time to do it for yourself.


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