when work ends

If you happen to be in a smart working company chances are that you’re lucky. Surrounded by great people with a nice mindset. You might be tempted to simply do your work. But what is your work? In today’s jobs our work doesn’t really equate a task. Is a task “your work”? I’m not sure. […]

a little respect

What will you remember 10 years from now? Will you remember that customer that shouted at you? Will you remember the long working hours? Will you remember the anxiety of finishing a task? or Will you remember that trip to Hawaii? Will you remember your wedding day? Will you remember that time when you did […]


After some years both as an employee and as a company owner I came to realize that urgency, for some people, is the standard. I don’t know if it’s because they realize what must be done too late or if it’s because they are extremely anxious. The fact is: For some people urgency, emergency, is […]

self help is the question, not the answer

It usually goes like this: You struggle, you fail, you struggle a lot, you want to get better, get rich, improve. At this point you’re quite frustrated, you don’t know what to do, you feel powerless.Then the self-help world opens up its doors with words like success, happiness, money, managing and controlling people. Is it […]

shit acknowledgement

If you complain to something at starbucks they’ll be told to apply their “LATTE” method. What is it? Listening to the customer Acknowledging their complaint Taking action to resolve the problem Thanking the customer for bringing the situation to their attention Explaining to the customer why the problem occurred. You know what? It’s a great […]

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