difficult conversations

There is one amazing book I always advise reading which is called “Difficult Conversations” of “Douglas Stones”.

It’s a book about talking with people when there is a high stake for both. In case you’re angry or you’re discussing a very complex and hot topic.

What I learned through that book is that when we start discussing we should always be truly open to listening their point of view, learning how to also repeat in our words what they said.

Why repeating is so important? Because if you need to repeat in your own words you need to do two things

  1. Listening
  2. Actively listening

Which basically is what we don’t do in a conversation like that. We tend to listen only to argue against. We listen to find flaws in what we hear, not to understand their point of view and see where it does match ours or where it comes from.

Simply by listening you can have a totally different impact on any complex conversation you might have.

Remember: Listen to repeat, before sharing your point of view.


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