show off your vulnerability

“The world doesn’t revolve around you”
How many times did I hear those words and yet I didn’t understood them.

We have been tricked. Tricked into thinking that a one man band can be possible. Tricked into thinking that we can build a billion dollar social network in a night, tricked into thinking that we can do it all by ourselves, that you alone are more than enough, that your value will be seen.

It’s not like that. Our value doesn’t shows _by itself_. Our value is what we give to the world, how much we empower it, how much we allow it to grow.
What we could do by ourself is miserable. It’s a tiny little thing.
What we could do with others can be enormous, gigantic, infinite.

Why then, we focus so much on ourselves? Ego first, fear second.
These two great enemies hide one of the key elements of our life: Vulnerability.

They are the reason behind us not asking for help, hiding our errors, not saying I’m sorry, etc.
Vulnerability is something we are not used to. We’re more used to see men and women show off their skills, never asking for advice because, if they did, they’d be considered weak.

But guess what: People can understand your reasons if you explain them without blaming others.
If you make an error and explain with honesty what went wrong and what you’ll do to fix it, they’ll get it.

If you share your struggle people are inclined to help.
Yes, you might find that one in a million asshole that will take advantage of that vulnerability moment, but it’s part of learning who you’re talking to. It’s part of life.

Start sharing your vulnerability, asking for help if you’re struggling and sharing your difficulties. You’ll find out that people still do care.


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