failure is not an option

Read any self help book, watch any motivation video, read inspiring biographies and you’ll soon discover a trait among those people.

They didn’t surrender. Failure, for them, was not a viable solution. They couldn’t accept it, so they continued their work until it made a difference.

It’s normal to admire such dedication, to be mesmerized by these stories. 
These stories are much like the teal&orange in blockbuster movies. It’s a success recipe. People like it, it works.

I do think we should not consider failure an option, but in these stories there’s one thing that doesn’t stand out the way it should.
Failure is not an option if you ask for help.

Rarely we saw a man that built an empire by himself.
They were all helped, they all asked for help during the darkest moment.

Asking for help doesn’t stand out though, so the message that pass through is that we shouldn’t consider failure, but this message doesn’t give us a way out.
Because there will come a time when we won’t have enough power, enough money, enough energy. And in those times we will fail unless we ask for help.

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