last in, first listened

That’s a sad truth, we’re more likely to listening to a new person we don’t know very much than an old friend.
His/her advices might be more well received than our friends, but why is that?

It’s not that the friend becomes instantly useless.But we are less inclined to listen to him.
There’s prejudice, we think they are saying that for a reason. And there’s the fact that we don’t really listen to them, but we’d like them to listen to us.

A friend becomes a listener, while in the beginning he was an advisor. And as such, the new, unknown person that seem skilled like our friend become our new advisor.

It’s not always like this, but to have a different outcome you have to play it in reverse. The friend must find the perfect time to share the information so that it can be listened, understood and applied.
Missing that it’s like missing the flight. You might find another one, but you’ll be late.


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