you’re a marketer

If yoou’re a software developer you need to market your skills. If you’re a team leader you need to market your goals, if you’re a product manager you need to market your product.

You will always need to market your ideas, no matter what field you’re in. Marketing meant as a way to convince people, not manipulate them, but let them understand your point of view by removing the roadblocks created by theyr own prejudices.

And this will always be marketing, and will always need some of the techniques involved in marketing. Like understanding the right time to say things. It might sound obvious when you’re sending an email at 3am in the morning to your subscribers that it’s not the best idea.
Guess what? It also applies to real life, because timing matters

You’ll need also to be in the bucket of the things they want to listen to, and then you’ll need to remove all of their roadblocks. Only after this you’ll be able to speak your truth, and if it will be worth it then you’ll have changed a small part of your world.

But in all cases: You need to learn marketing skills.


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