be kind

Kindness is often underrated and overrated.

Overrated because you might be fooled into thinking that it can solve every problem in the world, but no, it won’t happen.
You might do your best to be kind, do have empathy with someone and he or she might still treat you bad.

But it’s also underrated because we forget how much power kindness has.
There is this famous saying “Be kind; Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. That is true in a specific sense.
When you face someone that is angry at you he might not be really angry because you did something wrong. 
As in the aforementioned example, people can still react bad even when you did your best, so why this happens?

It happens because there’s a story we tell in our minds. Seth Godin, author and bestseller, clears this up by saying that it’s our internal narrative that defines what we do, how we react and so on.

He’s right. It’s that little voice in our head and the sum of all the events that produces the angriness.
A person shouting at you because you didn’t finish the work on time might do it not because he/she hates you, but because maybe he bet on that finish line, there was money/status at stake, he made promises to people that couldn’t keep.
The fact that the project wasn’t delivered on time might not be a problem on many cases, but in _that_ one it was a problem because there was too much at stake.

Or maybe he’s shouting because, thanks to this delay, he will receive a paycut, or simply because his personal status will change in the eyes of the bosses, making him look less effective.

Who know what’s the story of the person you’ve got in front. We all don’t know.
Sometimes we’re lucky enough to meet people that share this story openly, this way we know what they’re coming from and how to help them.
Other times we’re left with them shouting at us.

In all cases, be kind. Don’t be the one shouting.
Because, on the other hand, there are people who did their best and still failed.
Edison failed 10.000 times before finding one idea that worked, we’re not different. We fail.

I suppose you did fail too, right? How you felt when everything went wrong? Bad right? Maybe you deserved it, maybe not. But what if the people around you didn’t blame you too much, what if they treat you like a human and not like a stupid dog?

Maybe you would have found easier to stand up again and start doing your best work, again.


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