the adaptive business plan

What’s a business plan? It’s an idea, a goal, a destination to reach. It means you have an idea of where you’re going and how to get there, what steps are needed to grow and to become the company you want to become.

A business plan, per se, is not adaptable, it’s not flexible. It doesn’t allow to change routes while driving. You have to get there.

What then could we improve of this idea? Think of a business plan that you can revise, adapt to a market to include new ideas. What’s scary in a business plan is that each word you write seems set in stone, while in fact a business plan can (and I think should) adapt to the world you’re living in. If there’s a market crash you should steer away from it.

The ability to pivot should be taken into consideration into each business plan, the R&D should be there, to allow your company to expand, grow unexpectedly beyond your initial imagination.

Because afterall a business plan is this: Something you imagine that you plan to realize.

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