what makes icecream magical?

Did you ever wondered what makes a product special? It’s the little things the experience, the idea that the product itself has another hidden story that unveils while you use it.

The “serendipity” effect.

It took me years to realize how much serendipity is in a single commercial ice cream.
Think about it, what’s the difference between a supermarket icecream and an artisanal icecream?

Aside from the ingredients what stands out is the cone. 
Well, not the cone, but the inside.

Yes, because in each cone you have that marvelous chocolate filling that fills up the final empty space of the cone, making the ending “tip” a full chocolate cone.

And that’s where the magic happens: That cone is the trick to get people to eat the full icecream. A thing that doesn’t always happens in other cases. The idea that when you get to the end you are rewarded is old as earth itself, yet again it’s everywhere, even in the icecreams.

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