never let fear decide

Shit happens, a choice you made caused a hell of consequences.
You’re panicking, you don’t know what to do. A client calls you angry because something isn’t working.

What do you do?
Fear will tell you to fix the issue fast, to let the pain disappear as fast as possible so that you can go back to your old self.

It’s easy. Just patch until the pain is gone. 
That’s fear recipe for fixing things. Patch until it’s gone.

Now take a deep breath.
Another deep breath.
Fear will always “kindly” ask you to fix things the easy and fast way. Fear primary concern is to be safe, but life isn’t a safe boat. Storms happen. Shipwreck happens and you can’t patch holes in the ship forever.
Sometimes the best way is to pause your travel, land on a safe shore and fix that damn ship you’re on.
One question that always helped me in this kind of “My life depends on it, everything is gonna blow up in seconds” moments was
“What would I do if I had no fear?”

Which doesn’t translate to be fearless or stupid. It means “if I remove the fears that I have now, that little voices, and start as if those don’t exist or are false, what decision would I make?”

Fear will always guide you through short term decisions. 
Heart and mind through long term.

Go for the long walk, build a ship that will last a lifetime.


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