how to write a cold sale email

This is a short howto in case you’re wondering how to get the attention from a person you don’t know.

Let’s say you want to engage with a popular youtuber to publicize some of your products.

Usually what happens is this: You write an email to the youtuber asking please help me bla bla bla.
This doesn’t lead to anything for a bunch of separate reasons.

  1. If the person is popular he/she will receive TONS of requests, many of them will also be so generic and missing names (his/her) from the email itself.
  2. You’re asking for help but why would he/she wants to help you out?

Those 2 reasons are the main roadblocks you will encounter.

So here’s the thing.

  1. You have _first_ to provide some value to them
  2. You must be able to greet them in a way that lets them understand that you know them perfectly, that this email is not a mail sent to a crowd but only to them.
  3. You have to explain why you’re helping them and what you gain from it (there’s no such thing as free gifts and everyone would be skeptical at them).
  4. _If and only if_ they want, they can contribute by helping _you_.

Step 4 is optional and you know why? Because you first give something and only then you expect some returns.
Nobody in the entire world would expect something different.
First you help them, then they _might_help you.

Do your best, know your topic and their topic, help them practically and go on.

“Ok, but what would it be like in real life?”

Let’s say you want to get in touch with this youtuber. An email might be like this

“Hi Chris
I know you’re busy so I’ll keep it short.

I saw that you like promoting great hair products, I loved the review on the O’Douds Pomade, fantastic.
BTW I agree, such awesome product.

That said, I saw that in your reviews you’re missing the transcript.
I happen to know a person that might help you doing them at a good price, this would give your website better seo indexing and visits.

Why I do this? I love your channel and if you like it then (and only if u want) I’d love to share with you one of my new products I’m testing out.
No obligation, just a man that share your same passion.

Lemme know,
Be amazing”.

This adds all the info, it shows that you saw his/her videos, you know the topic and you’re willing to help.
He might not reply and this ideal email is far from perfect, but if you compare to a classic one like this

“Hi there, I’d love to send you free samples of my product for you to review, can you send me your address?”

It’s clear the difference.
In the second one you don’t use the name, you ask the other person do to some extra work for what? Your popularity?

First help, then you might get helped.


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