sharing your opinion

Is there a way to share your opinion so that it gets accepted?


That’s it. 
There are times when it’s because you don’t know how to communicate that your opinion doesn’t get accepted, but the key thing many people don’t get about it is that _you will still get rejected_.

There’s no way around it. There are times when your opinion isn’t useful, isn’t requested nor it can be understood and you cannot change that.

There are times when you will share your opinion using your best work, your best intentions because you care so much about a project, a person, whatever and it will still get rejected.

Your job is to learn when it’s a right time to share your views and in case the answer is “NO”, accept that.

Because if you aren’t able to accept the fact that your help isn’t required, that your solution won’t be the chosen one, then it’s your ego talking, not you.


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