honesty is gold

We live in a world filled with people who sell things.
Most of these things aren’t real, some of these things are simply lies.

What are you going to offer to the world? Let’s say you made a mistake in your daily work.
Are you planning to cover it up?
Will you find some excuse to be sure you’re not responsible?
Will you blame someone else?

Or consider this: You did your job. 
Will you pump it up even though it’s not completed?
Will you try to make it look much more valuable even though you’re selling air?

_Anyone_ can do this. 
Anyone can lie, some people can do it better than others. But it’s something the world already knows.

We see it each and every day, when the call center calls you to sell you the new offer for your home electricity and we no there are rarely such good offer.

Would you say these lies improved your life? I bet no.

So be honest.
It’s hard, I know. It’s hard to be judged and not judging. 
To not have a way out.

But if you did a mistake, then accept it. It’s life. The mistake will still be there anytime, but you’ll have an opportunity to learn how to build trust with the people you know.

Lying, on the other hand, is both risky and useless.

Many people in this world tried selling things they didn’t have.
In the short term they get rich, and they seem to get fame, power, whatever.
But it’s not _common_ for them to sustain that in the long term.

Honesty might not be appreciated, and it might require to learn how to share your honesty, which shouldn’t be a radical change, nor a violent one.
But in the end, honesty is a long term choice while lying is always a short term strategy.

So, in case of a big mistake, how can you share the truth without feeling a shit?
First of all: Say you’re sorry. Say it like you mean it.

Then explain the situation, be vulnerable, share what were your goals, expectations, and what you _didn’t_ foresee.

Then tell them you’re going to be sure this won’t happen again and share a plan, a real plan not a fake one, to prevent it or at least limit the damage.

That’s it. Honesty requires courage but no skills.


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