how to write

Some people would like to know how to write better because if you read their emails they’re in a strange, unusual language. They feel fake, they feel as if they were written from a robot.

This is the foundation to many marketing tutorials and at its core there is a simple principle: Write like you talk.

In writing we tend to use expressions that are too articulated and not suited for the medium. We’re not discussing the law of geometry here, we’re talking to people and as such we should communicate the way they expect it: In words that are simple, easy to comprehend, easy to digest.

How do we get there? There are many ways, if you need to learn how to write one idea could be to first record a reply by voice so that you start by a talk, and then arrange that talk so that you put it into correct form.

Otherwise you can do it the other way: You first write and then read it out loud or, even better, read it to another person as if they were the beneficiary.

The other person can easily spot the issue in your talk and you will feel them too.

The last thing to do is to write more, and take more time to write so that by practicing you reach a better skill in this area.

Iterate until you reach confidence in the writing and you’re done.
You won’t become the next Stephen King by doing this, but you’ll at least improve the basic writing skills.


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