shit acknowledgement

If you complain to something at starbucks they’ll be told to apply their “LATTE” method. What is it?

  • Listening to the customer
  • Acknowledging their complaint
  • Taking action to resolve the problem
  • Thanking the customer for bringing the situation to their attention
  • Explaining to the customer why the problem occurred.

You know what? It’s a great example on how to react to any problem and complain.
You listen, you repeat the problem and acknowledge how and why it happened.
You fix the problem.
You thank the user, and explain why it happened.

I’d also add that you take steps to avoid it in the future and share them with the user.

The user in this case can be anyone.
Your boss, your wife, a customer, a supplier.
**Any person in the world deserve such safe, human, reaction**.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that you apply it step by step. It’s one of the most human and kind reaction you can give to a shouting person in the room.


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