risks of marketing

Few days ago my business partner wrote me and asked me “Why don’t you write a nice article on this topic?”.

I felt he was right. The topic needed something. We should be the one standing for it.

So I did it. I wrote a good post that I was proud of and the post went “meh”. 
It didn’t have the sharing power I’d expected.

What would you do then?
Marketing doesn’t mean that you should always follow the beaten path but it surely leads you there.
Once you get used to social media outcome you expect it, you want it each and every time. You’re addicted to it.

Great marketing though works off this path. It works by following unconventional patterns. Patterns that will rarely become mainstream. It’s the marketing for people who care more about the message than the result (although equally important). For people that care about leaving a legacy, not only a trace.

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