working is a two way contract

Right now in italy you have the feeling that finding a new job is hard, difficult, even impossible.And it’s partly true.

So  the default action for people searching for a job is to accept it instantly because it’s so hard to find.

One thing I learned though is that woring is not about money. It seems about money, but it’s really not.It’s about enriching people lives, simplifying it. 

It’s about collaboration, working together towards a goal, it’s about deadlines and doing things and in the end it’s about doing what you’re supposed to do and getting back what you’re supposed to get.

It’s a two way relationship. On one side you work, you do your best to be nice with the people around you, you try to be on time and so on.

On the other side you have the money, a place to work in, a fullfilling work, a nice surrounding.

If you look only for the money you’ll miss the stability of the company, the benefits of having nice people around, of having less stress. 
Things that matter much more than money itself. Because when you’ll get back home angry and you’ll shout to your wife you will start losing something that cannot be defined in dollars.

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