follow the steps

It might happen. You’ve always had a job that tells you what to do, step by step.

One day a colleague comes to you and ask you your opinion on a new thing. A thing you never did before, a thing no one gave you the instructions.
A thing that you “made” before, but only as a gear, as a small part of a bigger machine.

Your mind becomes blank, no ideas on the horizon.
What to do, what to say, are nowhere to be found.

You feel useless, not ready for this, not prepared. You fell like you _are_ incapable.

It might seem like a creative narration but in fact it’s part of a real story I saw and I can also relate to that.
In our work we are sometimes gears of a bigger machine. Parts of a masterplan we don’t fully see.

Yet, without us, that masterplan wouldn’t have been there. We are part of the knowledge that made it possible, yet we don’t trust our work because we didn’t do entirely, or to say it correctly: Without that bigger vision, the grand scheme of things.

I get it, it’s ok.
What we don’t get is that fear is in the way.
What we miss is that each and every time we learned there was this gap, this invisible gap between what we can do, and what we don’t know how to do.

A fine line that seems like a giant leap. Yet if we look back it wasn’t so big.
It took time, but not so much effort.

What it took is blindly trust that, if we put enough work, work will pay off.

This won’t change, yet our fear will make us change our mind instead.
Shut that voice. Go for the leap and don’t be afraid to fail.
Because you’re here and you failed in life and yet, guess what, you’re still here.

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