aren’t you tired of compliments?

What’s the use of partying, the use of writing the things you can do on facebook?

Is it personal marketing or is it something different?

Unless you’re trying to brand yourself or place a product the only thing you’re probably accomplishing is receiving some “Oh, great!” from your friends. A positive reinforcement nonetheless.

But, what’s it for?
Is it because you want to do more, to share tactics? I rarely see posts like this with useful information for the people around you, what commonly happens is that you share it for your ego.

Not to enrich other people, but to enrich yourself only.
What if you translate those posts so that they become useful for others? What if they add a contribution to the world?

It’ll lead other people to do so, it’ll inspire them, and more importantly, you’ll set ego aside for something much bigger than you: leaving the world in a better state.

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