the illusion

Imagine this:
Group chat, created on facebook to share photos of my family to some distant relative.
Starts easy on a christmas day, but soon began a place to share “PLEASE SHARE THIS, PLEASE SHARE THAT: HELP THIS CAT, HELP THIS DOG”.

What social media got right was selling an illusion. The illusion to be heard, the illusion of success, the illusion of valuing people by a number, the number of friends.

The sad illusion that more friends equals more power, and more power equals: you can help me.

And here comes the sad truth: If we were to act upon every single help request we’d stop living our life. That’s why in real life things like this happen on a smaller scale. 
Because we all had that friend that calls you only to ask for a favor. 

But on the internet? “That Friend” are many more.

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