ready to fail

Small or big change? What are you after?

If you’re after a big change, you should prepare yourself.
Not only technically, but emotionally, because you’ll fail. A lot.

Think about learning to negotiate. Do you think you’ll get it right away? No.
If you feel like learning it, then it’s because you’re not good at negotiating. Which means that you’ll need to do a lot of negotiations.

And many, if not all, will fail.
You will fail, again and again, and again.

You will fail beyond any imagination if the change you’re seeking is bigger than what you ever dreamed of.

You’ll fail in each part of the process, in each part of learning. Because big changes don’t happer overnight. They build up slowly.
Hidden in each failure there’s a golden nugget you can take home. A small rock to build a solid house.
Yet, you won’t see that house until some time passes, months, years who knows.

Be prepared. Emotionally.

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