give them a way out

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a nice way to exit a conversation? Or to have a safe option in case everything goes wrong?

I guess we all love this opportunity. The chance to simply get out of a trip you weren’t supposed to embark upon.

When we confront with people, we tend to give them only the options we like, trapping them into a maze where either you do what we want, or everything goes back.

It makes us feel in control, with much more power than what we deserve.
What would happen if we could give them a chance to get out with no pressure?
What choices would they make if we don’t put them under stress?

We’re not always closing a deal, and even if we do, giving the opportunity to back out is great because it allows people to have more vision, to see clearly what’s happening.
Truth is, we might do it to hide the issues with our proposal.

Think about it: If you’re offering them something that’s truly unique, why would they refuse?
If they do, it’s because you’re selling them something they don’t either want or understand.

In both cases, it’s your fault.
Yes, the pressure might close the deal, get them on your side, accept your offer (even a non marketing offer, we might talk about friendship, relationships, a raise).

But if you’d give them a way out and do your best, what would be the outcome?

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