the captain of the boat

You might be fooled into thinking you are the captain of a boat. 

That you have the power to decide what to do. That you are the only one that knows best what to do.

This will tear you down once you’ll see how easily each and every position can be dismantled, taken over by anyone with higher hierarchy, power, or intentions than you.

You can earn more, be more powerful, but rarely you’ll be in the highest level of command. 

The true power, the one and where no one can give you orders.
The sad news is that there is no such thing and all we can do is to do our best work in our way.

“Wait, should I surrender then?” Of course not. But you can’t fight all the battle nor they are useful to you. It might be better then to “Lose” by giving some freedom to the rest of the world. “Letting them do their work, in their vision”: Allowing them to express fully their point of view which we might not understand nor agree with.

Could it lead to a worse outcome than our idea? Yes. But what’s at stake?

When you fight for a privilege, for a position of power, you’re not simply fighting. You’re not simply using your time during the fight.

Your mind will go back and forth in the events during all day and night. Your emotional status will change and will deplenish your mood. 
Your energy will be sucked in by a black hole of bad intentions, only for a single gain, a greed of power, your struggle to success.

So, would it be worth it? What will change in your life if you win, and how much of your life would you lose for it? Think about you craving the next fight, you shouting at your spouse, you wandering while eating with your friends.

Life will pass by while planning how to win, or regretting the lost battle.

It’s easy to misread success.
It’s not always what you gain.
It’s what you get to protect and keep.

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