only being human can save us

I’ve always been fascinated by how different companies manage critical issues, problems, etc.
How do they give credit to the people working there, how do they show their appreciations for the work they’re doing.
How they communicate a low performance problem or give perks to enjoy the day to day working life.

It’s a long list of things and many people do differently.
Taking some example from Tech Companies that share this information on the public you can see many different takes.

If you look at Gitlab, you’ll see a very precise, structured document (search Gitlab Handbook) with lots of information.
It is amazing when you look at it, yet it’s missing something.
In my gut I always felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing.

Yes, these handbooks are great, but they leave out a key part of the entire process: Being human.

And I realized it only when I looked at the best in class example of it, the handbook of Basecamp.

They recently shared a blog post with some addition to the handbook and what made a difference for me was reading how they manage issues with the performance of an employee.

That’s hard right?
Well, what they wrote is nothing unusual. There are 3 incremental steps and if you continue to fail, guess what? You’re up to discussing if basecamp is still a good fit for you.

What’s different is the last chapter which titles
“What’s the biggest, most important detail missing from everything above?”
And the answer is: Support.

Then they go explaining the human side of it. Because when you write by explaining rules of a high stress condition (“you’re not performing well”) it would be terrible to think of a simple “3 wrong shots and you’re out”.
Yet they took the time to write it, to show this human side and write it in plain words.

That’s the key part. The part where the company takes a stand and says “I see you. You’re not a number. I know you. I understand you and before letting you down I’ll do all I can do to help you”.
It’s not about being a remote first company, it’s not about being a successful business. It’s about being human and honest and vulnerable.

Because only this will make a difference in the end.

You can read the doc here:

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