the magic of thinking big

How many great ideas did you have last year? How many this month?

If you look at ideas alone you might be fooled into thinking that yes, you can make a big difference with a big idea.

Keeping aside the fact that idea without execution equals nothing, there’s more to it.
An idea and a great execution is not enough.

Let’s say you’re asked to think big, to imagine a new product for the next ten years.
Can you make it? Will you match how the world will be shaped in the future?

No, we don’t. And the fact is: Preparing a 7-years or 10 years plan, doesn’t guarantee you’ll get there. But why some companies are so ahead of time that they can match the shape of the future?

They didn’t have a magical thing. They did have money and decided to spend a significal amount of that money towards some research and development in areas that _now_ are worthless, and in 10 years might be worth it.

They might risk it on many areas, knowing only 1 out of 3 will be successful, but for their business that will be enough.

That’s the difference. If your dream is your best bet then it’s a bet with a high risk. But if you decide to put your money into many baskets you have higher chances that the new technologies will be the one you tested and you might have a chance.

That’s why we shouldn’t always think big. The breakthroughs are risky. Sometimes they are needed, but if that is your only plan you’re either winning or losing it all.

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