undoing racism

We’re seeing something very unusual here in italy right now. We have people focused on immigrants, hating them, just like 60 years ago.

How did we come to this? It’s hard to explain but to me there’s only one thing that led to this situation: We allowed it.
Word by word, small concessions to people that were “a little bit racist”, not _really_ racist, but had that spark of intolerance.

We thought “he does no harm”, because a single word doesn’t change the world, _if alone_.
But after some time the words were voices the voices were crowd, the crowd became the major party in italy.

How to undo something that it’s rooted deep into our fears, deep behind our brains, the fear of the unknown, how to undo how we think today since we stopped fact-checking the links we see?

Bit by bit, bird by bird. I think that’s the only way. We’ll start using a word, trying to explain a different point of view. Not to change anyone’s mind, but to give them an expanded view.

Bit by bit, maybe in ten, twenty, thirty years, we’ll see a difference.

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