how many tags of today will be there tomorrow?

Will you still be #bestfriends? Will you still share #bestlife photos? Will you be the one tagged into #beaches #paradise #holidays?

10 years from now, will you still communicate this way?
And what will remain of these moments? How many tags will stand the test of time?

I guess tags are a way of partly reaffirming emotions and relationships, a way to establish a sense of belonging and even, for some people, a way to feel superior to others.

They’re limited though. If you consider the sea of emotions, of events in life, if you look at the endless horizons in the world: they can’t be expressed nor summarized.
What we can do is try to do our best to keep a memory.

Tags are partly a way to do it, but I personally prefer words. How would your life change if, instead of posting a photo of you and your sister with #bestsisters or #bestbrothers, you would say to her what you feel about your relation? How important it is.
What would change in your life if you made this conscious choice for each relation you feel “worth tagging”?

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