rituals vs  habits

I once made a mistake, I used a word for something that wasn’t quite right for that word.
Imaging describing the Sky using the word “Red”. Yes, it’s a color, but it’s not quite right. You need the exact color. Any other color won’t do.

I remember when a person made me notice that “mantras” are something quite important. 
He lived in london, I lived in italy. We were chatting casually, but he posed an important aspect: I was abusing a word.
Repeating a phrase over and over seems like a mantra (because while using mantras you repeat words/vocals), but it’s not.

I also made another mistake: I described something along the lines of “Rituals of love”.
Today, while a friend described the ritual to put to sleep his baby I realized that we both abused the word Ritual.

It’s not a ritual, it’s a habit. It’s a mechanism to ensure a result. Seems like a ritual because rituals are made of repetitions, but it’s not.

As for the mantras, we were abusing a word, and we do it all the times. Our mind make connections between words, and if they create akin conditions, then we feel free to use the words without worrying too much.

But abusing words isn’t the right way. 
Too many times I felt that social networks are removing value and power from our words, and I must admit that we’re all guilty. It’s not the social network fault, it’s us. We misuse words. We abuse words. We don’t trust words enough and we use them without care, without attention, with no real knowledge.

Think more, talk less.

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