stolen ideas

How worth is a stolen idea? How much it values?

I’d say it values almost nothing because a stolen idea is zero without execution. Yes, it might take time to accept, but an idea is just that: An idea.

What gets the idea into the world is struggle, running, fatigue, effort. It’s sweat 100%. It’s passion, it’s focus and user-targeting.

Sometime the niche is too small to be worth considering for any “big” opponents. Why? Because they won’t spend money in growing a small niche or know that the niche won’t produce enough money for them.

You’re not them though. You’re free. You can do whatever you want. The only thing you need is an execution.

Worried about copying?
Everything in this worlds has clones, we as human have dopplegangers, coke has Pepsi, sprite has 7up. And we’re not counting the cheap fake copies, we’re talking about “same-level” products.

So yeah, you will be copied. But you can still be unique and loved.

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