Comparison hurts

We are a product of comparison. We make choices in our lives based on what other people have. We consider their well being and happiness as the result of a specific part, like work, or money, or the house.

We see that our life is lacking that part and so we set on a journey to conquer it.

What we forget about this is that we don’t see what was behind their curtains. Their happiness might be as well the result of meditation, of even a premature understanding of death in life. Who knows. We don’t know their struggle.

Moreover, we miss 2 more points.

First: we think that this will work for us. That owning a bigger house or more money will be the solution to our problems.

Second: We think we can sustain their pressure. To get there people struggle, people are confronted with even more difficult choices. Would we be able to bear that kind of weight?

It’s hard to escape the comparison. We all do it from time to time. But it’s also possible to remind us what comparison really is: A method to explore, not to define life.

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