Some time alone

I never thought that going out for a walk to dispose of the trash would be so magic. But it was indeed.
I look forward to it, I put my earphones on and do a small walk to the trash bins outside. 5 to 10 minutes of slow walking, usually at night, with the empty streets and the cold winter air around.

It’s winter, the windows are all closed when I go for this walk, the city seems like sleeping although I’m sure people are still awake in their homes.

What’s magic about it? If I think about it I’d say that it’s mostly the fact that I’m 100% doing one thing, and that I have nothing else to do. No schedule, no task afterwards, nothing. It’s just a walk alone in the frosty winter night.

Tasks, planning, scheduling. All seems wonderful but in the end it’s when we get into the unplanned, the white page, that we go back to our roots, at least for me these moments are one of the few times when I can truly feel relaxed. Not because I’m otherwise stressed, but because the entire world and life stops for a few minutes. All the scheduling is less important, all the task are not part of my mind and my mind is not wandering away.

Protect those times. For you it might be something else, but once you found it be sure to understand what makes them special. It’s not about happiness, it’s not about fulfilling, it’s about getting out of the attention economy and getting back to a more simple and minimal approach.

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