Everything heals

From time to time we feel we are doomed to fail, that chances are above and beyond us. That we won’t stand a chance.

In those times it might even happen that all happens in the way we wouldn’t expect nor desire, we feel hopeless.

Yet, after years we survive. We can survive losing eyesight, we can survive losing an arm. There are people like Alex Zanardi that can reinvent themselves after losing the legs. Something that, for many people seems incredible.

But it’s not. It’s real. The difference is that some people do not surrender to chance, they accept it and embrace it. The see the breaking change, the disaster, as part of their lives from there on. It’s not a one day thing. It takes months, years maybe, to eventually come to the conclusion that your life from now on won’t be so bad.

And it all revolves around our identity. How much do we want to keep it fixed like it was before the change?
We can’t save that image, in fact we are so tied to it that only the people that find a way to unbound themselves really succeed.

Everything heals, in a way or another, but from that to be happy, to be productive, to be effective, you need to let go.

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