A truthful show

What is honest in a show? When I look at Jimmy Fallon I love how spontaneous he is and yet I keep wondering: How much of this is planned, how much of it is in the script, and how much improv is there.

Fiction, that is, the ability to imitate real life. Like an actor, but without the script of the story, only the script for a show, to make the show more human, more palatable, more relatable.

A show will be successful if it has these ingredients because after wall we crave that kind of interaction. We crave it because in our daily life we miss it, our social masks, our social status, our fears will prevail our desire for honest connection with people.

When I look at the tv-series Suits I see in Litt our perfect representation. We fear judgement so we try to hide. We hide our errors, our fears, even ourselves.

That’s why we miss honest connections, because we lack vulnerability. We think this is a game where only the strong survive, but it’s not, and our need for a truthful connection, a honest talk, is the clear demonstration of it.

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