Selling connections

There’s a man where I work, it’s one of the most skilled individuals I’ve ever come across. Right now he’s the head of developments of a big company, but I had the chance to meet him long ago, when he was following a small project for another big brand.

How did he get there? Not from one company to another, but he climbed up the roles to get to head of development. He took many years, but he did it.

Today many people ask for his time, people from all over the company want his help.

Why he’s so critical now?
He got connections. He knows how to handle them. He knows how to value people.

A set of connections he built thanks to his technical and human skills, that is his value. That is what’s different.

It’s like when a startup gets bought. They’re not only buying the idea, they’re buying a team capable of communicating, delivering work, finding the right balance between dreams and pragmatism.

Being good at your job is a good start, but to be great you need to understand and explore the surroundings, empower those around you, create a network.

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