Entrepreneur or employee

Where’s the limit? When it’s your job of employee and when you’re landing onto the entrepreneur’s land, by finding solutions that are more fitted for a different state of mind?

“If your goal is to be the head of an area then…” It’s a common phrase. We’re linked to goals, to remuneration, to advance in role and jobs.

The advance in role is so individual, so personal.
It ends where you stops, it stops when you surrender.

What if we don’t care about it? What if we care about doing a damn good job, doing our best and leaving some guesswork for others?

It’s a fine line that no one can really trace or own, but it’s also what defines us. We might be in the group of the ones that cares about the status, but if we don’t care about it, if we’re more interested in results for the team than for our status, then what we should do?

It’s easy to be trapped by these illusions, by these dreams, but they’re just that: Something that can break easily.
Good work on the other hand is stable and strong.

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