The unexpected you

My wife once said “I became what I hated the most. I own a house, I am married and will have a baby”.

Which is true. She is now becoming a stereotype of what was she thought was a “predefined” life. But is it true?

It’s like indie. You want to stay away from the majors, you want to be different because all that mainstream is labeling you.
Yet you’re indie and the indie music has some vibe you can easily recognize.

It’s not about labels, it’s about growing and having some ideas. Finding out that we might even like that life we hated. That’s what happens.

It might seem stereotypical that it happens to a group of couples together but in fact it’s quite normal because we all age together. We are linked by that kind of aging, the time passes and we all feel like we should have babies. Maybe some of us won’t., but many will and the reason for it is that we grew and found out we wanted to have children, a following, people to build a better world for.

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