to be seen

One of the mightiest trick our mind can do to us is to let us believe that we should be seen.

That our actions, our work, our effort, should be openly recognized by anyone.

This need of recognition can rot any goal, because we will fail. Even if we don’t want, even if we’re exceptional there will come a time when we will fail.

It’s not about us, it’s about life itself: We can’t win every time.

When that will happen our need to be seen will be crushed, it’ll be impossible and we will feel trapped by a condition where we can’t succeed.

But the lie is that we are the ones that built that trap.
Fooled into thinking that “To be seen” was much more important than to do our best, than to leave something beautiful behind, we feel for it and started following something ephemeral that is based upon “other people”.

To be seen can be accomplished only thanks to others, not thanks to us, while we could do so much more by focusing on what _we_ can do today-

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