addiction is not the problem

Today, while listening to the podcast of Tim Ferris with Gabor Mate I discovered on beautiful thing on addiction that I find extremely fascinating.

Addiction exists to pose a temporary end to a bigger problem. When you’re addicted and you feed the addiction you’ll get some benefits (relax, good mood, energy, whatever).
That is what you’re after and that’s why it’s hard to stop being addicted.

But the problem _is not_ addiction. The source of the problem is something else, addiction is our solution to end part of the problem itself, to suffer less.
Because if we had the results of addiction in the first place (relax, good mood, etc) we wouldn’t need the addiction to begin with.

I never saw addiction as a consequence of a bigger problem, and seeing it like this makes me wonder: of the many addictions (of any kind. Addiction doesn’t equate drug) I’ve had, what were the problems I was trying to hide/solve?

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