beware of the optimism

I am an optimist, I try my best to see the good side of everything.

When something’s wrong at work, I try to see the good things that come with it. When someone is behaving badly I try to imagine the reasoning to explain that kind of behavior.

But there’s an area where I don’t really tolerate optimism: Business decisions.
And by that I include all work related things, all the things that impact a company or a worker, spanning from the paycheck to the success of company projects to the success of the company itself.

Optimism in that topics sounds like “Oh, the world has 6 billion people, if we can get 1% of them to register we’ll be left with 60 Million people, if we get 1% of them to buy our product at 1 dollar we’ll still get 600.000$“

What’s missing here is the how. We’re only talking about dreaming, not about facts and we do need facts when we talk about money.
How do I get paid? Surely not with “hopes”, we need facts to get from point A to point B.
How do we get there?

Whenever you see too much optimism and not many facts in a business discussion, it’s time to raise a big red flag.

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