what you crave is not what you need

There’s always this trick, the idea that what we crave, what we passionately desire, is something we should obtain.

It’s not. Like any drug addiction what we want is not necessarily what we need, what we want is an expression of our point in life, our goals, our dreams, our aspirations.

Those aspirations are not fixed. What you want when you’re 15 is quite different (I hope) than what you want when you’re 40.

Things change, we change. That’s why we should not look at what we crave as a solution to our problems in life, but our problems in the short term. Our aspirations can change from day to day because we discover things, we get passionate, we get lost in new dreams.

But life, the thing that stays _after_ those dreams, is something else.
Look at life as something that you build, not something you obtain or succeed in. It’s like the sagrada familia. An amazing building that takes an entire life to build that you won’t see finished, yet it’ll look amazing anyway.

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