modest people

There’s a reason I don’t like overconfident people.
First: I was one of them.

When you’re overconfident you tend to assume you’re right. Your words will always lead to you winning a game. It’s all about winning, it’s all about being right, it’s all about affirmation.

Arrogance, that is a distintive element that many people who are overconfident share in common. And it’s because, if you even doubted once, you’d be more humble, you’d have a different way with words.

I like people that admit when they’re not in total control, when they don’t know everything. In those cases I can fill the gaps, help them, even work with them towards a common goal.

With overconfident people it’s much harder because there is no space for error, for misdirection, for correction.
Yet errors always happens, correction is often needed, agility and flexibility is not something you can do when you’re battling about being right.

You need humility to change the course of your actions in the eyes of the people.

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