learning new types of kindness

I know: Kindness is all the same. I thought the same way, but in the end I realized that there are many varieties of kindness, ways to care about the people around us.

The simplest act of kindness is to greet people, to simply say “Hello”.

That’s the first rule, the basic foundation.

I learned about a new variety this summer, when for the first time I was asked “How’s it going?” and they truly meant it.

You know, this was a year full of changes. One of them is a newborn. And a newborn comes with a nice package full of problems, stress, sleep debt and so on.

This accounts for many of the arguing that happens in a couple, but when you see the newborn you both don’t know it nor can image.
You can imaging the sleep debt, you can imagine the stress, you can imagine all those things. But you underestimate it by a large part.

You don’t think it will affect your relationship, but it will. You naively think it’ll affect only you and that you’ll be able to handle it, but you can’t.

That’s why that phrase “How’s it going?” was a really deep question. They asked us after they went through a lot of issues, they were worried it might happen to others.

It was nice to look at that question with a new set of yes. It was also nice to learn a new variety of kindness, one I wasn’t aware of, one i’ll try to pass on.

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