marketing complexity

Look at nike or under armour shoes, how are they? They’re a complex composition of elements. The sole can’t be simply white, often it’s bundled with addon of any form and color to express the underlying complexity.

Or look at some of the toothbrush offerings, some are of a pantone color, other contains more than one color that mixes together, hinting that the complexity is higher.

Complexity is an interesting part of marketing and selling because it is based not on the effective function of a product, but more on the ideal that we have as humans that complex things ofter works better.

A car, a jet, we have many example of complex products that revolutionized the modern world so this kind of sentiment is well fonded.

Also, complexity can take many forms. It can be hinted by standing out of the competition with a different appeareance, it can be expressed by adding more ingredients or feature, even though they don’t contribute to the overall result.

Complexity can lead to think that a product is better than another, and it’s a marketing trick used all around us every day.

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