Not every example should be a reference

I’d like to write even more and share my thinking with the world and one think that’s blocking me is one simple fact: I shouldn’t be anyone’s reference.

I am different than the majority in terms of willpower, energy, motivation, goals. This not to say “I am better”; but to say that some of these attributes influence my choices and decisions.

If I didn’t have such willpower I might give up early, if I didn’t have a sudden drop of energy when I face some confrontation I might reach even more results, but the whole mix? It’s my mix.

You can apply it to each and every person in the world. They can be your reference, you can be inspired by their words but keep thinking: What of their traits made them like this?

Because words are a starting point, but then you have to give what you have to reach those words.
Don’t look just for a reference, look at what traits are the one that make your ideal possible.

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