reviews will hurt

As a product creator, reviews are one of the most amazing feedback one can ask. It’s spontaneous, many people don’t get that it’s a great way to collect user feedback, not only for marketing purpose, but for product development.

Yet, at the same time, they hurt a lot. Even a four star review sucks and you feel it.

I was on the verge of disabling the unverified reviews, but I decided not to (for now).
Those 4 star reviews are actually good.

We are always tempted to shut down anything that might damage the image of a product, but it’s what makes it worth reading.
Those unbiased review are goldmine of information.

You will get some hatred, it’s fine, we live in the internet.
Our goal as product creators is to have enough good reviews to outshine the bad ones.
After all there is no perfect product, but if your product it’s amazing enough, that’ll be sufficient.

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