what’s in a job role

What’s in a job role? What does a job role means to you?

A role is your work. Your daily job, what you do for 8 hours a day.

For many people a role defines themselves. In fact it’s a way to define not only your status but also your competences and skill.

If you are an architect you obviously know many topics on architecture, professionally. But that doesn’t take away the option to know other things too.

A job role means also money. How much you earn, but it also mean power in some ways.

In some cases power is something that makes you valuable. If you have power over others, then you have a good job, because you’re important.

Which leads to the “Important” thing.

Stay with me for a second while we digress a little bit.

Let’s say you’re capable of 3 things professionally and one of them has an higher “rank status” across peers, let’s say you choose to move “down” to one of the remaining twos.

In this wording and the much needed quotes lies part of our social culture of “Importance”.

See, when we talk about importance we’re not talking about how you contribute to the work, to the role, to the project or product.

We’re not saying which skills you bring to the table.

What we’re valuing when we talk about importance, “stepping down” and so on, is status, and status if saw this way is ego-directed.

This also makes some jobs less “interesting” because they *seem* to lower your status.

But a job should be valued in your contribution, in how it lets you pursue your life, in how it allows you to express profoundly and with enthusiasm.

We should talk about our job roles as a thing that defines what we add to the table, not who we are, because even though who we are is influenced by the work we do daily at the end of the day life is what happens outside your job.

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