kids trajectory

When we’re kids, we dream big.

“I want to be an astronaut”, we say.
Those are words, but there are some inclinations that we have when we are kids.Skills, one might say, that we didn’t build per se, but that we always owned.

Are those traits still with you?

I’m not talking about passions you inherit from others, like loving to dress because in your family someone is always well-dressed, or liking to bike because your father went always biking.

I’m talking about imagination, drawing, kindness, playfulness, shyness, being an extrovert, etc.
Traits we didn’t have *because* we were emulating someone.
Traits we had because we liked or because they were always there.

How many of them are still there, how many were a foundation to the person you are today?

I always thought that we are defined by our experiences, that life changes us (in good and bad ways), but even though I still agree with this, I believe some of those traits were a guiding light in what we would eventually become.

Those were our trajectory.
They would pave the road in front of us.
Those were the bricks, we are the building.

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