a broken expectation

It’s hard to not talk about what’s happening with Twitter, but aside from the facts, I think this story tell us something more on how we see leaders. 

To me, this traces back to the idea that we want leaders to be indestructible, bold, strong.

This single idea of strong, the idea that the leader will always have the answer, that the leader will always be the one imparting “orders” is very Hollywood like. It’s as if we do expect a hero from a movie to come out of the screen and do the hard work.

People do make mistakes, any person can fail. This is true. In the overall idea of a fictional leader we do expect them to not fail, we confuse that boldness with a guarantee of success, which is not.

Their courage, their stake against the status quo, made some of the most famous leaders in the world who they are. But that doesn’t make them perfect or infallible. 

“Past performance is not indicative of future”, this is true for people too. 

Yes, many leaders did make a difference thanks to their instinct, thanks to their vision, thanks to their skills. This is not to say that we shouldn’t trust them at all, but we should be aware that a leader is a human, like us. 

They can suffer from the same biases we do, they are not immune to those. 

It’s hard to know what will happen to twitter. Maybe this is a good move afterall and everything will turn out great. But, personally, I feel we’ve been intoxicated far too long by this idea of “Bold Leaders”, forgetting all the long history of modest, introvert leaders, that made a big dent in the world (if you’re curious, the book Quiet, by Susan Cain, have some examples on this).

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